Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loss

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Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loss

Post by Black Mamba » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:30 am

ICC recently in their recent board meeting in dubai 2017 had split the test cricket teams in two tiers in 9-3 format. Tier 1 team consisting of top 8 teams including Bangladesh whereas Zimbabwe has been shifted to Tier 2 with Ireland & Bangladesh.

This move is really hurting Zimbabwe, as they will be getting less chance of playing test cricket against top teams. But, whats definately questionable is the inclusion of Bangladesh in Tier 1 with top teams. Bangladesh test performance does'nt look such a great that they have been placed with top 8s. Bagladesh got test status in 2000 and in their 17 years history of test cricket,they have managed to defeat just two teams in test, England & West Indies. When it comes to Bangladesh winning against West Indies in 2009, it would be better to say, West Indies gifted Bangladesh the test sereis, Bangladesh manage to won as best players of West Indies didn't take part in that test sereis due to strike. A third grade club standard amateur team took the field marked as "West Indies" in that sereis. However, they manage to win just one test against England, they still to win a test against top test sides.

When it comes to chevrons, they had five huge test success against top teams. Defeating Pakistan thrice & India twice. They manage to win test sereis both against Asian Giants Pakistan and India. Against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe played 14 tests, out of which they won 5 and lost 4 with 3 ending in draw and 2 of no result.

But the question lies here is that Bangladesh haven't done so much in test format that they have been greeted with tier 1 slot, Zimbabwe on the other hand have managed to pull of five test against the top nations in their test history, defeated India in India, Pakistan in Pakistan much more superior compared to Bangladesh in test cricket. There is not much difference between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe's performance as per test cricket is concerned. Its really look harsh step by ICC in sending Zimbabwe to tier 2, whereas Bangladesh after doing rubbish is still in Tier 1 system. ICC clearly showing favouritism to Bangladesh over Zimbabwe.
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Re: Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loosin

Post by Train Driver » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:02 pm

I'd re-read your first paragraph if I were you, unless your idea is to give us all a headache

If I were you I would also spell losing as L O S I N G rather than L O O S I N G

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Re: Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loss

Post by eugene » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:25 pm

Bangladesh has a bright future as a cricketing nation. Zimbabwe does not. Zimbabwe will inevitably finish last in the second tier and be replaced by another Associate, probably Scotland or Nepal.
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Re: Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loss

Post by Kriterion_BD » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:56 am

Firstly, this plan has not been finalized yet.

That being said, there are many reasons, eugene highlighted one:

1) most importantly, Bangladesh enlisted the alliance of Sri Lanka and India who opposed the 7-5 split which is why the ICC adopted the 6-6 conference system. The 6-6 conference system was abandoned because in a bid for 2 equal conferences, series like the Ashes could be interrupted if Australia and England found themselves in seperate conferences (highly probable scenario). So they had to go back to the 7-5 split, but in order to appease Bangladesh and Sri Lanka they had to make it a 9-3 split. 8-4 was the original 2014 proposal, but the ICC says that apparently the odd numbered splits work better to ensure even numbered series each cycle.

2) Bangladesh's financial contribution towards the game, ranking behind only India, England, Australia, and Pakistan. South Africa might be ahead of us, but we will eventually pass them if we haven't already since our GDP is bigger and cricket is far more popular than it is in SA.

3) Bangladesh's win against England by a [relatively] large margin of 100+ runs. Taking down any of the Big 3 recently is bound to turn some heads. On raging turners at home, Bangladesh would be expected to beat any of England, New Zealand, West Indies, and South Africa. On flat pitches, they'd be expected to draw. As an example, they could have easily drawn in both Wellington and Hyderabad this year, losing not due to technical ineptitude, but rather poor shot selection. Same with the just concluded Test in SL. By contrast, which of the top 9 teams would Zimbabwe be expected to beat on flat, seaming, or turning wickets? None that I can think of.

4) The ICC - rightly so - seems to make a clear distinction between the pre-2004 Zimbabwe side and the current one. Flower, Flower, Goodwin, Johnson, Streak, Wishart...if someone said that was a list of US Army personell in Afghanistan no one would think otherwise.

5) From a purely practical standpoint, the gap between Bangladesh and the #1 ranked team (India) at the moment is exactly 60 points - 121 to 61. The gap between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe is 56 points - 61 to 5. Thats a large gap to justify. Bangladesh is only 8 points behind the West Indies, so a 8-4 split would be far harsher than a 9-3 split. 7-5 actually makes sense because the gap between the West Indies and Sri Lanka is a comfortable 23 points.

6) Bangladesh's ODI record since 2015 has helped to sell the image that Bangladesh is one of the "top 9" teams. The same way that Ireland and Afghanistan have successfully sold the perception that they are the leading Associates. This might even be the single biggest factor, although ironically, ODI success shouldn't necessarily be the index for Test cricket.

My 2 cents.
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Re: Why Bangladesh is in Tier 1 Test format despite loss

Post by Googly » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:11 am

The future of our cricket is inextricably linked with the politics and economy of Zim. We're not going to see an upturn in the state of our cricket until there's improvement elsewhere, and even then there would be a lag. This bodes ill because we're sinking further into the mire. Actually it's surprising that the ICC have not acted sooner because just a cursory investigation reveals the monumental mess we're in. It's going to take a miracle to rescue the situation. Unfortunately we need miracle workers to achieve it, and there aren't any that I can see. Sacking someone for putting an unacceptable mark-up on printing costs should just harden the resolve of the ICC to get rid of us because that's just insulting to assume that ZC have unearthed the culprits and everything is now in order, which is effectively what they're trying to portray. Maybe those two benefitted unnecessarily to the tune of 100k, but what about the rest of it? And what about the administration going forward?
I think Venturas and Samkange might be the right legal team to represent the Players' Union. There are only three ways to get rid of the scoundrels.
1) Direct intervention by the ICC whereby they appoint people directly- it's not going to happen.
2) The Players' Union acquiring proper legal representation and passing a vote of no confidence in the Board and enlisting the help of the ICC in effecting change. Surely the players themselves must fight for their own survival, can they not see how this is going to end unless something is done urgently? We clearly lack senior players that can drive this. Back in the day we had people like Houghton, Flower, Pycroft etc that are bright and take no shit, we need people of that caliber playing now. Our senior guys have been bought cheaply or have left. Possibly our most respected guy is Taylor, who is the wrong colour and his recent public slanging match has not shown him in a good light. The one player who seems genuinely concerned is Raza, and I can see why, he's come here and had to fight for it.
3) Waiting in dumb resignation for a change to the political landscape and hoping that brings about change. That's a long wait.

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