ZC Board caught naked!

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ZC Board caught naked!

Post by jimmylesaint » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:42 am

0300hrs Sunday Morning Mukuhlani and Moyo were seen naked dancing around the wicket of Queens. Vumi's girly hair was flowing in the wind as they incanted an ancient rain dance. The embarrassment of their incompetence has made them blush red!

In the outer ring of rain dancers who are desperately trying to avoid another embarrassing game were Singo,Banda,chiketa,bond,chawaguta and prosper and SHepherd.

The Indian was seen in the far Castle corner hollering his own magic -whilst Muks and Moyo urinated on the entire outer ring to establish hierarchy.

Some players were dotted around the boundary trying to defecate on demand to add to the magic rain dance.
Meanwhile the police were surrounding them all.

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