ZC sues Harare Sports Club

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Re: ZC sues Harare Sports Club

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jaybro wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:45 pm
So if we were to send money to Zimbabwe would the recipient receive it in US Dollars or bond notes ?
Depends how you send it. If you want to send me USD for example, I’ll make sure I receive it in USD :lol:
but usually the banks will take your money and convert it into bongo bongo dollars.
I really believe that what’s coming our way is going to be a lot worse than 2008. Back then there was still some industry, there’s not much of that left now.
This current fuel crisis is going to bring a few things to a head. A country can’t function without fuel and the government won’t allow it to run itself because that’s where they get the huge bulk of their money from. Much like the police road blocks probably precipitated the freedom march if the government doesn’t sort this fuel issue out there are going to be some very angry people. The behavior in these fuel queues says a lot about us, and it’s not good- pigs fighting for food at a trough are dignified in comparison with what goes on here.
The government and the traders make a huge percentage on fuel and they will milk the angry population for their last drop. The bigwigs keep smiling and saying sit right we have a plan let’s tighten our belts it will all work out, but the reality is that they’re not fixing this mess. If and when things stabilize we will be at a new low.

This is not the pessimist in me, it’s the reality on the ground here. NGO watchdogs now put us on a par with Somalia and Eritrea- I think that’s a stretch but we’re not far off.

I found out a bit about the ZC/Tobacco Industries issue
They built the Western stand and the corporate boxes above that. To my knowledge they’ve retained control of it. They only ever really exercise their rights to it at big games ie never, so I’m not sure where ZC fit into it because it’s a deal between HSC and Tobacco Industries.
It looks like ZC have gone through their rental agreement and have spotted a loophole where there’s a grey area over this stand. It was built by Tobacco Industries and they probably pay HSC a nominal rental of $2500 which Zac think should come their way. The fact that ZC themselves pay a nominal rental and are always in arrears Is lost on them.
Perhaps they’re thinking the stand rental should come their way and they pass it onto HSC and offset it against the pittance they occasionally pay?
It’s something along those lines. Talk about biting the hand that helps you.
We might see ZC based out of Old Hararians when their lease is up in 2024 :lol: because if this is what has happened it’s a slap in the face.

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