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Re: Stay strong

Post by tawac » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:13 am

Tough times in Zim at the moment, well its almost become a norm having been going on for so long. Most people in the country generally survive through informal businesses so to go a week without any business really left a lot of families starring down the barrel. Shops being closed only made the situation worse.

Whats really sad is Zim has enough mineral exports and we shouldnt even be having foreign currency shortages. But all these funds are just ending up in the hands of a few people. You see people rocking up in Bugatti verons, Lambogins even a Tesla in a country were the common man cant afford three meals a day. All we have is hope
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Re: Stay strong

Post by Googly » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:14 am

Lest we forget the past and present leaders of ZC are MP’s in this repressive regime that is beating and murdering its people and like Zanu they will not relinquish power at any cost, they would rather bring the whole house crashing down around them than do the right thing.

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Re: Stay strong

Post by zimbos_05 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:02 am

Know of some people who were caught up in the chaos. They were set upon by non uniformed police and a few army members, but were able to get away and get home safely.

Know of another guy who had to flee his home in the night as army were going door to door and dragging people away, and beating them up.

It is effectively a military state. More of the same under this government, but much worse. Zim cannot be open for business its own people have no voice and are not allowed to be heard. Talk of change and of the people allowed a voice are nonsense as the moment a word is uttered, they are beaten, abused, thrown in jail and sometimes killed.

However, I feel the only way the people can get change is to rise up, unfortunately hard to do when the army are the ones you are effectively threatening. I don't see anything changing under ZANU, but I also have my concerns under Chamisa.

Zim is never going to be what it was.

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Re: Stay strong

Post by Googly » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:02 am

The reality is that this is what it’s been for years. Democracy is a charade which the incumbents have, until the last couple of years, stage managed. Recent events have turned practically the entire population against them. We always look at the next election the day after the previous one, but the next one will be truly terrible.

The problem here is the economy. Even during the shambles of 2008 there was light, but that’s no longer the case. ED and crew are now desperately calling all pockets for international investment when the environment for local investment is non existent.
I hope I’m wrong but the stage is set for round after round of strikes and stayaways, people just can’t make ends meet.
The government has income through fuel tarrifs, customs tarrifs, tolls etc, but minimal though forex generating export business, so this seemingly insurmountable forex shortage is going to have the last say. This situation was inevitable, even without Mugabe’s exit.
Can the ruling elite limp along with forex from the Chinese, Russians, and the very limited mining and agricultural exports and hope that the hungry and disillusioned population will continue to suck it up? They’re betting they can for the forseeable future through strong arm tactics and hope that a solution drops in their laps.
When old age takes care of the people that believe ruling Zimbabwe is their right we might turn the corner.
The government is by far and away the single biggest employer and the government is an all powerful family run business. It’s hard to see how that will change in the forseeable future. There are massive internal rifts and we wait in trepidation to see how that plays out as well, but I don’t see that being a factor, they know they’re under the pump and they will present a united front otherwise that equates to an actual civil war, which is highly unlikely.
Anyway we just sit tight and hope for better times, it’s our lot in life.

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