Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

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Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

Post by The Robot » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:10 pm

There is no news clipping, not even an official scorecard of the match in which Mark Olonga first showed he was the real deal, specially with the pace as per his australian cousin who has been great help for the talent to learn some thing from one of the top level infrastructure in the game

Speaking to the sports journalist Ashley King, ( from a renowned weekly sports magazine) harare born speedstar shared his experience from an amateur to star in making, raising the eye brows of many local coaches

Q: How you turn into the game of cricket from Rugby.?

It was 2009, when i saw Dale Steyn ripping top batting line up of great aussie line up with pace and swing, and i watched that electronic board displaying the speed of every deliveries bowled by Steyn, i felt the pulse in myself to become a tear way fast bowler then i decided to change my sports.

Q: When your deliveries with pace was appreciated first time.?

I was around 13, playing for Peterhouse boys against
Lomagundi in a school cubs tournament and was bowling to a tailander, one of my coach was watching the match said it was the fastest delivery he ever saw in the game as the stumps went cartwheeling and our team won the match

Q: How you arrived in Australia.?

After finishing my studies in Peterhouse, i wanted to pursue both my higher studies and the game, so i decided to move to Australia where one of my cousin stays,and was took admission in Albany senior high school, where i was able to pursue both studies and the game

Q: How you rate Australian age group cricket.?

Competative.!!!! Its a huge competition right from the grassroot level, but there is some excellent group of coaches and facilities available that could make individual to think about the game seriously and take it as profession

Q: So far how you rate yourself as a cricketer.?

The journey has been good, i was being picked in club cricket through performance in school cricket and also some great experience i came through back in 2015 World Cup took place here, where i was working as a net bowler that helped me a lot to develop myself as a popular club cricketer

Q: How was your experience bowling in nets in that massive event.?

It was huge experience to see the stars and taking part in their preparation. Bowl to players like Alistar Cook, Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni were some great moments. I also had good time with our own Zimbabwe Players, where Brendan Taylor appretiated my pacy deliveries and i managed to beat and cramp up some of my countrymen

Q: Do you monitor your pace? How much you clock now?

Yes, but when i get opportunity to play in grounds like Perth or matches where speed gun facilities are available. I am in 20s now and around 142-145 kph, working on my body to touch that 150+ mark.

Q: Have u met any Aussie Legend

Yes, i was greatfull to meet legends like Dennis Lillee and he corrected few of my problems related to bowling in a camp organized with young talent. I bowl at Justin Langer and Mitch Johnson who rated my bouncers and yorkers as lethal and gave some tips to make it more sharpen, and various drills and exercise to become a fast bowler.

Q: What your thoughts on Zimbabwe Cricket.?

Zimbabwe will always be my first home, played the game lot there, happy for my mates Ryan Murray, Liam Roche, Shumba, Mavuta getting opportunity to play first class cricket and also in national colours.

Q: Loosing Blessing Muzarabani and rise of Jackiel?

It was a huge loss as he showed his class in small time he featured for Zimbabwe, playing in english condition will develop him as a good bowler, when he returns after his Kolpak deal gets over.Danny has been a big name there in local cricket for his slinging Malinga like action and able to bowl toe crushing yorkers, wishing him good luck for the next level.

Q: What's your assignment at present.?

I served bowling at the net at Perth the recently held test series against India and now i am taking part in practicing with visiting Lahore Qalandars PSL Side from Pakistan, who are touring Australia with the new talrnts.

Q : Did you get offer to play in Zimbabwe

Yes, i was offered a contract from Takashinga to play in Vigine Cup, since it gets clash with the season here, its toug for me to go there and play.

Q : Will you turn out for Zimbabwe?

Offcourse, if i am able to play club cricket there and perform in domestic cricket i have the chance to get picked in national colours.

Q: Thanks for sharing your experidnce

My pleasure ( Signed Off)
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Re: Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

Post by sloandog » Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:17 pm

These posts are becoming borderline pathetic
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Re: Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

Post by CrimsonAvenger » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:17 pm

This post in two and a half months too early.

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Re: Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

Post by jaybro » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:40 pm

If you’re going to make things up at least make them funny
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Re: Interview With Mark Olonga : The Next Speed Star

Post by ZIMDOGGY » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:34 pm

Glad you guys are catching on to what I have been saying for two years.

Mispronouncing players names is only funny if done as a mistake or a genuine misguided belief that’s how their name is spelt or pronounced.
Even then, it’s funny the first, second and third times.
The 4th time its ‘haaa..ok’
The 5-200th time its just lame and not funny. Telling the same joke over daily isn’t funny in anyone’s book.
But it’s the Forums fault for egging on this idiot.
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