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blame ZC for not persuading the Curran brothers for not playing for Zimbabwe...I blame u for bet an idiot..I blame for not being like the soccer foreign legend persuading foreign based cricket players to come home to play for Zimbabwe..

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Are you pissed?

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3.05am Saturday night post..I’m guessing booze was involved :lol:
I was with about ten sets of parents (three black) last night who were all lamenting the state of affairs in Zim. All their kids had left school and not one of their offspring lives in Zimbabwe. I mean do you have kids so they can leave at 18 and then maybe you see them 30 more times before you die of old age? That’s actually what it is at the end of the day.
I’m not talking cricketers here, just kids who had been to Uni or were just working overseas because there is literally no opportunity whatsoever here. They come back for two weeks over Xmas and then off they go to their jobs and lives elsewhere. I’ve seen the Currans here a couple of times, at the end of the day your roots are your roots.

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