Tri Series Squad Announced

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Re: Tri Series Squad Announced

Post by chesterton » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:48 pm

Elton was good 10 years ago. He is now useless.

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Re: Tri Series Squad Announced

Post by jaybro » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:47 am

Truth is yes looking at Elton's career numbers & remembering his ability to hit boundaries at will towards the end of an innings he would be a great No.7 in both LOI formats, the issue is this is not the same Elton from yesteryear and it's been a very long time sine he was that player.

October 3rd 2015 ODIv Pakistan was the last time Elton passed 50 in an ODI innings, that's four years and during that time he averaged 20 ( including 4 not outs) he only took 3 wickets during that time also. ... e=allround

18th of June 2016 T20I v India was the last time he passed 50 in a T20I innings, that's over three years, during that time he averaged 10.87 & didn't bowl a single delivery. Also during that time more importantly he didn't play one 'match winning innings' (which according to shit for brains only he is capable of doing) until the Dutch game. ... e=allround

We'd all take the old Elton back, but sadly an 18 ball 29 v the Dutch isn't going to make for years of doing nothing.
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