How many players in Zimbabwe deserve a Full Time salary?

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How many players in Zimbabwe deserve a Full Time salary?

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This topic has been raised a lot this decade.

Criticism of not paying first class players a living wage and this and that.

The argument that it’s stunting development.

So my question to everyone is, how many players deserve to be paid full time? As opposed to a pay to play setup?

I will argue myself that more players need to be professional full timers, BUT I do not believe all should be, on account that the system is so weak that the lower players wouldn’t be getting any sort of payment at all if they were elsewhere.
On a budget, what is the balance?

I haven’t thought too deeply about it, but I would say something like;

5x marquee players (BT and Jarvis big money)
10x ‘decent’ salaries. Basically a good wage for being a national mainstay. Chatara, Raza etc. these figures don’t have to be uniform. Raza should get more than say, Musakanda at this point.

15x entry level yet livable salaries.

These are the guys that play domestically but have a bit of spunk about them, players who could develop into something big or perform well at the least domestically. Mutombodzi, Cephas, Muyonga, Roche, Murray and the like.

I would also have some type of development budget for the kids who show real potential. Schadendorff or something could be on a scholarship. I don’t know the details, but I do know there should be something for the rare gems we still have between 15-21.

Everyone else can fuck off. Plods like Nyathi are there for numbers only. Someone like Tino Mawoyo is in this group now as he’s essentially playing to make up the numbers as his job is elsewhere, despite probably being good enough for the next level up.

I don’t believe your usual ‘Noname Musobodozi’ that we see on the scoresheets when the national team is away should be getting anything more than a small match payment.

Playing in the Logan Cup should be almost a free opportunity to rise up the Ranks. Like an internship. Opportunity only.

I’d also cut the domestic league down to three in line with these beliefs, and do the ‘12 a side’ interchange system so teams bat deeper and bowling is sharper at the same time.
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Re: How many players in Zimbabwe deserve a Full Time salary?

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What exactly are we paying anyone for at this point? How much do players from Namibia or Uganda get paid? We play about the same amount of cricket.
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