Duncan Frost (Frosty)

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Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by jimmylesaint »

It is with sadness that this man has passed. He should be remembered:::::

His contribution to cricket especially in Bulawayo was immense.
He started a winter league in Bulawayo which included 6 teams mainly u21 with a few senior players in each. He financed this himself whilst his wife cooked food for all the players on some very cold mornings.
His previous history with ZCU and as an international umpire.
His association with Queens and endless work to help rid ZC of corruption and non-cricket parasites.
We should at least remember him as the guy that many years ago put Makoni on his ass in the Harare Sports Club carpark.
But we should also remember him as a loving father to Shaye and Husband to Karen.

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Re: Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by Donald »

He knocked him out?? 🤣

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Re: Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by Googly »

Probably not quite like Wilder’s right on Ortiz :lol:
Lost 7 rounds on the trot and then that. That would turn most people into a cabbage. I think you’d have to get Makoni with a body shot, nothing upstairs but venom and vitriol.

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Re: Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by TapsC »

Googly wrote:
Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:22 am
Probably not quite like Wilder’s right on Ortiz :lol:
Lost 7 rounds on the trot and then that. That would turn most people into a cabbage. I think you’d have to get Makoni with a body shot, nothing upstairs but venom and vitriol.
:lol: well Wilder is a knockout specialist. 42 fights. 41 wins. 41 knockouts. He doesnt care about the points system because he knows he will get you eventually

Rest in peace to the great man. Really really big loss.

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Re: Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by CrimsonAvenger »

My only memory of Frost was the fact that I have frantically and unsuccessfully searched for his image all over the Internet during the heydays of Zimbabwe Cricket Photo Quiz, knowing that he has been an international umpire and something should be available online.

It is unfortunate that we only get to know massive contributions by such folks to the game only on their passing. Could someone share more details about his association with the game over the years and more on his contributions? Looks like a massively passionate person from what i have read so far. A fitting tribute is what I'm hoping for, by someone somewhere...

Also hoping that this thread too does not degenerate into another meaningless mudslinging. We can surely let the man rest in peace through a fitting tribute thread?

And yes, RIP Mr. Frost.

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Re: Duncan Frost (Frosty)

Post by matland »

https://twitter.com/TitanLaw1/status/11 ... 7344823297


That was the pinnacle of Duncans umpiring career.

I knew Duncs through local schools and then club cricket as my boys progressed in age.
To say cricket was his passion and life is an understatement.
Finding and then following new talent made him tick.
If things were not so f$#@%ed up in Zim cricket and the cricket demi gods had listened to him cricket in Bulawayo certainly would have been cooking on gas.
The self funded league alluded to earlier was 100% self funded and was an U19 league,6 teams 2 senior players per team.
This is where my respect and admiration for Bobby really came through,he was fantastic.
No fun watching these guys in the middle of winter,3 games a day,the boys umpired themselves,Duncan scored for 6 weeks.
All to give the kids game time.
Thats how the Bonsa T20 was born,he proved it could be done and more importantly there was a need and space for it.
Being involved at Queens he was striving to bring the culture of cricket back,pride in your club and team mates,playing hard but fair and then having a drink with the opposition afterwards.

The boxing with ZC was not for self gain,it was to rescue the culture which cricket actually is ,the Bonsa was a slap in the face for the Tuskers cretins and forced them to get Nyaradzo onboard for the 50 over tournament they sponsored last year.
This year all first league sides are playing in coloured kit with white balls !
Besides the balls up of BAC as a venue (BAC havent been paid by ZC)1st 2nd and 3rd league cricket has been happening.
A little known fact was the pressure players were put under NOT to participate in the T20,thank God cricket in the main won.
Never mind the death threats,hate messages and pressure Duncan was put under over the ZC saga,his attitude was I can shoot straight and am doing the right thing for the game.

I just pray the players will take what he has taught and shown them and run with it.
Time will
RIP my mate

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