Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Shumba is at least 19 :lol: and finished school. No scholarships there. He’s a prisoner here, to be used like a man-whore :lol:
As soon as you leave the u19 ranks and play with the big boys it’s a whole new world. If he’s got a brain he will not go down Jongwe’s path- he was given royal treatment up until the day he left U19 and then it came to an end. In FC there are plenty of decent players all wanting what you want. You have to deliver, work for no pay and keep smiling.

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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I’m frustrated as I feel like I’m the only one who repeatedly posts this and 100 percent of the forum post the opposite.

Why can’t these players do a correspondence/online part time degree?

There are plenty of people that work full time and study full time! Oz brought in laws to stop this happening even.

I remember I did a full time degree at uni whilst working 25 hours a week. It only gets busy at exam time and online degrees you usually get choice on when to sit the exam. Nowadays there is so much more variety in this sense.

Point is a cricket career is an ideal career choice for someone part time studying.

A lot of NRL and Rugby (Moreso Rugby because NRL players are blue collar meat heads) for example spend their downtime working towards a degree for post retirement whilst they play.

Zimbabwe cricketers have more downtime than those guys.

It’s one of the rare examples where you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Yet I’m the only one who thinks of this or at least posts it?
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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Googly wrote:
Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:46 am
They’ve scheduled the games during the week? :lol:
It’s unbelievable but believable. They would have gotten 200 spectators instead of 20.
Frustrating, and frankly business as usual. Even more frustrating when the scheduling is dictated by the needs of whoever will televise this to the world--to fill empty TV slots mid-week--and we are still losing money with the coverage.

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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The players don’t enjoy playing Logan cup & they barely get paid for it either, the fact they let the national players pick & choose when they play makes the credibility of the competition even worse.

Rewarding a guy who had a great season by giving a spot in a 25 man squad is fair enough and to be brutally honest there isn’t a middle order batsman more worthy of a spot who has been left out.

The fact Maruma is in the top 25 is more a reflection of zero depth rather than anything else. If he makes the side in front of Raza or Moor or someone else then there’s grounds for an argument.

Also I saw on twitter Ryan Murray said he won’t be playing in Zimbabwe this season, but hopes he’ll be finished his studies and be available next year. I guess if he were to be available for any games it would be now during holidays but ZC have ran out of cash
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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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If he’s studying in SA it really means two seasons because they will finish in November, so he misses out on the remainder of this season and the start of next. Having said that they these muppets never start on time and never finish so does it matter? This will be his 4th year of study if I’m not mistaken, he must be doing a Masters or something equally difficult.

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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If you can play club cricket in SA for 4 years and walk into our FC and make an impact then you’re either a bloody good cricketer or our FC is shite or both. He’d surely have to make big runs in FC in Dec 2020/Jan 2021 almost immediately to be considered for any international cricket next year. And there’s not many games to do it in. That’s long shot territory, so now he’s probably looking at 2022, assuming he makes runs then. I think they’re just going to stick him in for a couple of games and see how he goes. That may be about the easiest entry in history into international cricket, well since Munyonga anyway :lol:

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Brighton Zhawi

Zimbabwe’s new Test skipper is an avid cricket follower, who spends just as much time on the television set watching the game, as he does playing it.

He is a passionate man, who wears his heart on his sleeve, and absolutely hates losing.

This fellow thought he would lead the country in white ball cricket after his interim appointment during a T20 series in Singapore last year.

Meet Sean Williams, Zimbabwe’s 11th Test captain.

He says family will come first during his tenure, and for now he wants his Test team family to clock in the hours, embrace the underdog tag and claim as many scalps as possible along the way.

Williams was drenched in sweat when he met up with this reporter last Thursday at Harare Sports Club for his first interview since being appointed Zimbabwe’s Test capain.

The 33-year-old had already clocked in a couple of hours on the pitch and was coming from a sprint session with his best buddy, Craig Ervine, under the supervision of burly fitness trainer Walter Karimanzira.

Straight from the run, “Willo” went for a quick chat with Tendai Chatara, who was clutching the results of his bicep scan. From there, the new captain went to congratulate Brian Mudzinganyama on his Test squad call-up.

It was then time for the interview, where Williams was accompanied by his wife Chantelle who revealed: “He is always watching (cricket) highlights, if it’s not Zimbabwe it’s any other team.”

So what does Test captaincy mean to this cricket nuffie?

“It’s an amazing feeling, a privilege and a great honour.

“Some high quality players have led Zimbabwe in Test cricket. These include Flower (Andy), (Tatenda) Taibu, (Alistar) Campbell, (Brendan) Taylor, (Hamilton Masakadza) Hammy and then myself.

“I have got some big boots to fill.

“Being captain doesn’t make me untouchable, I am still one of the team. Obviously I have to make the decisions, making them on behalf of the team.

“I would like them to still treat me as normal as possible. Nothing changes,” he said.

The left-handed all-rounder wants Zimbabwe to move on from previous struggles and embrace a winning mindset.

“Uniting the team is my number one priority,” he said.

“I hate losing and that’s going to be a big thing in the change room, from now onwards.

“We are going to play to win. Getting everybody to buy into that is going to be huge. We have to pull together and move forward as one.

“It is a comeback year for Zimbabwe cricket, we have been through a lot and I have learnt a lot from it.”

He added: “We are the underdogs, it’s as simple as that. It’s a fact, but If we work hard and train hard, we will achieve big things.

“It will make people believe in us. In Zimbabwe, there are a lot of people that don’t believe in us, they don’t believe we are talented and they criticise us a lot of times.

“It’s time to change that.

“Those are my goals and that is my vision.

“However, I am not going to do that alone. The team should buy into that. We need to change the mindset and our work ethic.

“Unity is key and the will to win has to be there. Never give up, no matter what hap- pens.

In Chantelle, Williams has a number one supporter.

She revealed the challenges that sportsmen endure on and off the field.

“I think it’s a great challenge for Sean. Obviously I am 100 percent there to support him,” said Williams’ better half.

“Whenever possible, I am there to support him during each game.

“With this captaincy, it will be a privilege to watch him play.

“But it is difficult because whatever happens on the field, in the office or anywhere else, I am the first available person.

“But at the end of the day, that’s my role — to support him,” she said.

Williams averages 27.65 in 10 Tests with a one ton and two fifties.

Inasmuch as he wants to improve on his stats, he is a team-first skipper.

“I have my own personal goals, but my job is to lift the others.

“No matter how down I am, I have to pick myself up and pick them up as well.

“I have a lot of help from the support staff, I am open to opinions and ideas. Listening is a big part of being a good leader, and I want to see people flourish.

“If I get a test hundred in this game, I will be over the moon.

“But if a young guy walks into the team on his debut and gets a hundred, I am going to be extremely happy,” he said.

Williams describes himself as a fiery character. He says this comes from his parents, who believe in excellence.

“My character has a lot to do with the way I was brought up.

‘‘My mom (Patricia McKillop) is an Olympic gold medallist (1980 field hockey) while my father (Collin), all my uncles and my brothers also play hockey.

“My parents are very tough, they expect nothing but the best. They never settle for mediocrity,” he said.

As the new Test captain, what are Williams’ thoughts on ICC’s plan to make Tests four-dayers? The move has been disapproved by India’s skipper Virat Kohli, former Australia captain Ricky Ponting and a couple of other players.

“I haven’t really looked into it much.

“Due to what is going on here, I have tried to focus my undivided attention on Zimbabwe Cricket. However, Test cricket is the purest form of the game, and as it stands right now, I fully disagree with that plan.

“I think it should remain five-day cricket.

“Games are still going on for the full five days, Test matches are

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Does anyone know the last time we went to day 5 in a test? Should maybe be on the Quiz thread.

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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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Googly wrote:
Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:02 am
Does anyone know the last time we went to day 5 in a test? Should maybe be on the Quiz thread.
The last Test you guys played vs BD in Dhaka went to Day 5!
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Re: Zimbabwe Provisional Squad (Sri Lanka Tests)

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I really do believe Williams hates losing. He has failings, but I really see his desire on the park. And I also think getting the rest of the dressing room to the same point is a big ask as he implies.

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