A Rangers thread.

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A Rangers thread.

Post by ZIMDOGGY » Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:56 am

I think it’s important to clarify something.

It’s my understanding that the Rangers addition to the Logan Cup is NOT a genuine 5th team, or a ‘young gun’ academy type side, meant for the best youngsters.

More so, it’s a private academy team granted access to the premier competition as part of the package they buy into.

A well off family with a kid with some talent can buy their way into private coaching and First Class cricket. All a reality due to Campbell’s influence on ZC and Brents good reputation as a coach. Hence why we see Campbell and Makoni Jr and that in the lineup. The addition of KJ and BMRT is more by invitation and maybe the first steps for them into a post cricket coaching career.

Why I have bothered with this thread is I see all of comments throughout the threads ‘ZC should get this or that kid into the Rangers’ in the vein of conventional thinking of a first class spot, as opposed to a private club essentially.

So by my understanding, unless by special invitation we won’t just see Myers or Oldknow or whoever as part of that team unless they enlist Brent as a private coach essentially.

Am I wrong? Have I misunderstood this. I invite feedback or clarification.

Or if I am right, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s unlikely we see many more established names in their team.
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Re: A Rangers thread.

Post by zimfan1 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 11:55 am

That is my understanding, you pay to enroll in the academy and one of the main benefits is that you are paying for the opportunity to play first class cricket. The cost of the full programme (a whole year) is $US8500
programme provides another level of learning and experience to professional cricketers who are at the beginning of their careers - or perhaps returning from injury. The Elite Programme competes in the first-class Logan Cup, the ‘List A’ One-Day Cup as well as the domestic T20 Tournament. This programme includes – and expands upon – all the extra-curricular studies and activities of the Core Programme and uses the same variety of venues. But at its centre is hard, competitive cricket across all three formats.
What you could argue is that ZC could pay for some of the better Under 19 players to enrol.

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Re: A Rangers thread.

Post by Stoneman Returns » Sat Mar 07, 2020 12:52 pm

With Under 19 world cup taking place every 2 years gap, that young pool of players going to increase. ZC had to think slowly and steadily of the 6th franchise to control these pool of players and stop them from quiting cricket or migrating to other nations.

Franchises may not feature them in squad when national players return to domestic games.
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Re: A Rangers thread.

Post by Googly » Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:28 pm

To my knowledge no one has personally paid yet. That first intake I think was financed entirely by ZC.
If Rangers remain in FC, believe me ZC will have a big say in who gets to play those games.
Next intake will be very interesting and it won’t be a surprise if Durham and Derbyshire don’t send a couple of their academy boys. The “FC” exposure will be a major draw, but they will still probably have to be more competitive than the Kirsten Academy and a couple in Australia.
ZC will probably put a quota on how many foreigners can play FC at any one time.
Makoni Jr will probably be a permanent fixture unless the big man really pulls rank and gets him a slot in a franchise side.
There’s a lot riding on these two counties having a good time here and playing competitive cricket, it will open a few doors. I hope they’re vaccinated for Corona, rabies, cholera, diarrhea, HIV and parvovirus or ECB will be playing this season 2 counties short :lol:

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Re: A Rangers thread.

Post by Googly » Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:42 pm

I’d like to see Evans have a season here. I know he’s had big problems with his passport and has been treated unfairly over there. Life’s a journey though and I’m sure he’s learnt a lot, not just about cricket, but about life. Trying to make your way in cricket over there as a foreigner with no support base is not dissimilar to trying to colonize Mars. He’d have to be a bit sharper than our gang of 128kph dibbly dobblies though, we’ve got an entire tribe of them.

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Re: A Rangers thread.

Post by Googly » Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:47 pm

If ZC threatened (only thing they’re good at) the white bowlers with a stint in Border Gezi Camp and the blacks with a return ticket to Woohan I think the lads could crank it up to mid 130’s. Forget offering free lunch to anyone that shatters the speedgun, just threaten the existing lazy f%*^ers. There aren’t any speedsters hiding in Mazarabani herding goats, trust me on that.

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