Potentially a fantastic short term fix for our opening dilemma

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Re: Potentially a fantastic short term fix for our opening dilemma

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Googly wrote:
Mon Nov 02, 2020 5:14 am
The list of young guys in recent years who have gone to another country to play cricket specifically includes Matigimu, Madhevere, Muyeye, Lock, Hopper, Evans, Byrom, Welch, Schardendorf x2, Curran x2, Bhawa, Mitchell, (these two are still at school),.....can't think of any others atm.
Oh Huchu, but he went as an all-rounder.

Of these Byrom, Welch, both Currans, Madhevere, and a Schardendorf have contracts. That's 6 from 14. That's a serious strike rate.

Matigimu probably has an outside shout at Titans and a firm opportunity in Zim.
Muyeye is a dead cert for Zim if/when he returns.
Bhawa is the same. He's a serious talent.
The guys who went to University outside who hedged their bets between cricket and an education were Geyle, Lake, King and .... can't think of rhe others atm. There's a lesson- none of them are on a radar. Looks like shit or bust.

Who has stayed here in recent years and been picked for Zim? Shumba, Burl and Jongwe. Again can't think of others atm but there are a few.

Make of that what you will. My take is if you're any good is that if you want to make a go of it overseas you have to leave early, but you're in long shot territory. Cricket is a very uncertain career, especially here.
Surprised you missed Murray.
There's actually a lot more such as the 2x Higgins, James Cameron, Adam Rouse etc but I can't expect you to remember them all. There's a lot.

What I did gain from your post though is the boys that go over to do uni and cricket don't seem to make it work in terms of cricket. All those guys in your second list Id never have heard about since the World Cup they featured in if I didn't read this forum.
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