Givemore Makoni named Zimbabwe's managing director

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Re: Givemore Makoni named Zimbabwe's managing director

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No salaries before Xmas is a big one, the claim is that players have only just signed contracts so they're not due anything, but that's lame and nasty. People have been hanging around waiting to play since September!!. It sounds like there's a caveat in place that prevents further local borrowings (at least there ought to be!), but no money for Xmas is not cool, not only by ZC, but also by ICC, if that's in fact the story. Im also willing to bet that groundstaff and a number of others get paid in local currency. On top of that we should have started our cricket in September. They were playing women's cricket so why not men's?
ZC get paid USD by ICC so as far as the economy goes it should not have much impact. In a better environment there should be more sponsorship, but there are trust issues and the fact that we're not winning anything will not interest many corporates except predatory opportunists like Croco, we all know that story.
Lest we forget the current administration cost us $4m per annum! That's more or less Scotland's, Ireland's and Afghanistan's entire budget. Anyone endorsing an administration that has lost $4 million a year is a big part of the problem. We weren't making ends meet on $9m yet they're promising we've turned a corner on $5m and things are on the up because they've squashed a 27m debt. Basic Grade 1 maths tells you that's impossible.
$9m correctly used would have put us in top 6 in all formats for the last 20 years!!
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Re: Givemore Makoni named Zimbabwe's managing director

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According to Mehluli Sibanda, ZC send the wage bill to the ICC who approve then pay the players & admin

Not sure if this is true but I guess that would explain the delays, who’s fault that is I’m not sure
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