2020 ZCF XI

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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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These are so good.
My hot tip is I eventually make a comeback to the playing squad. Years after the fact and with a beer belly.
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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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Zimbabwean cricket really provides much of the material. Foreignfield correctly associated his appointment as captain with that of Chamu's. It would be much harder to find material like this following New Zealand cricket for example.
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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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Borrowing an idea from CrimsonAvenger's thread, here are the ZCF batsmen and their favourite or best shots:

1. foreignfield: the leave -- Runs having dried up for him, the new captain is trying hard to master this 'stroke', the constant sound of rattling timbers indicating he is far from the finished product as opener.

2. tawac: flick -- With innings and even strokes few and far between last season we have to rely on a sketchy memory of a predominantly on-side player, strong off his pads.

3. jaybro: drives along the ground -- A prolific run scorer all around and in all conditions, ZCF's new run machine prefers to keep 'em on the ground and the fielders interested right up to the boundary. Holds the record for most all-run fours, his only weakness a tendency to call for impossible fifth runs.

4. CrimsonAvenger: cover drive -- Elegantly bisecting the fielders, holding the pose for the cameramen, and thus adding to his fathomless collection of Zim cricket photos.

5. Kriterion_BD: leg-glance -- No argument goes past this man, bowl it where you will, he'll shuffle right across and send the widest of wides towards the boundary or into the gleefully waiting hands of the keeper. Wether he can hold down a place in ZCF's engine room for more than one congressional election cycle remains to be seen, though.

6. Marshmallow: the Marillier -- Full of youthful exuberance, the new kid on the block is never shy to resurrect shots of yesteryear and play them at six consecutive different balls.

7. TapsC2: reverse sweep -- The only left hander in the side and a former hockey player of great repute has reinvented himself as ZCF's premier exponent of every Zimbabwean batsmen's favourite stroke.

8. Jemisi: the nurdle -- It's not pretty, but it has served this ZCF stalwart well over the years. No one else keeps the score board ticking over on match days like him.

9. zimdan: square cut -- When it's his time of the forum calendar year there is no one prettier to watch against fast bowling, but blink and you'll miss him for the next 11 months.

10. Googly: slog sweep -- Despite his name this man knows all about the decline of forum batting, and the perils associated with every possible shot in Bob Woolmer's big book. Forever in two minds whether to play forward or back, and sharply analysing the imminent dangers of such an approach, he often resorts to scientific slogging with astonishing results.

11. sloandog: stepping out to hit it out of the park -- Too long stereotyped as an all and out speedster with little interest in the finer arts of batting, sloandog has turned himself into a dependable lower order bat. But beware the opposing bowler who get's under the skin of this otherwise laid-back character. Can destroy attacks within nanoseconds.

Eugene: baseball swing -- Having spent too much time in the US his once famous straight drives for one have largely gone AWOL. Is secretly studying the arts of baseball sign language and planning a comeback as ZCF coach.

ZIMDOGGY: pull/hook -- ZCF's happy hooker has left his beaten track and followed beauty to its rumoured source. Not running low on testosterone, his pull shots and hooks are as muscular as ever, never mind the stereoids.

On the bench:
zimbos_05: forward defensive -- Technically the most correct of all ZCF's batsmen, his abhorrence of cross-batted shots has recently lead to an over-cautious approach. Can always be relied upon to hold up his end in a discussion, but just needs to remind himself that the V is there to be scored in.

zimfan1: the flamingo/the tube/the letter-box -- Just when you least expect it, zimfan1 comes up with a novelty shot of his own invention that takes everyone by surprise. Forever in the bad books of the selector for no apparent reason other than the presumption of being Zim's no. 1 fan.

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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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Re: 2020 ZCF XI

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I will take that assessment. I definitely prefer the straight bat better than the cross bat. Never understand why players try to be too fancy in games especially when they are chasing and just need to keep it simple.

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