Tri series predictions

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Tri series predictions

Post by jimbo »

I still think zimbabwe will win this one but..............

1.) Drop the awfull dabengwa.. His relative experience does not make him a run scorer or wicket-taker
2.) Drop matsikenyeri down to 5-6 position, Not a natural opener and some of his good scores have come from middle order positions
3.) Give regis chakbva an extended run in the side, With sibanda williams,taylor out of the squad for a variety of reasons he is the next in line, It is unfortunate that he hasnt had a couple more years at first team level but we have to work with what we have got and he has had some decent scores of late
4.) Fitness permitting get rainsford back in the side for the tri-series in place of zhuwayo

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Re: Tri series predictions

Post by maehara »

Given all three teams are in action this week, so there's a chance to see current form, I have to say that Ireland are looking possible winners. We should still beat Kenya, and we can and should beat Ireland, but if we play to the same standard we've managed in Canada, Ireland are going to hammer us.

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Re: Tri series predictions

Post by admin »

I don't think the squad will be changed, so Zhuwawo will keep his place in the squad. Now that we've had a few games to reflect, the squad selection wasn't all that balanced after all. Perhaps someone like Rainsford or Mahwire should have been selected because they have ODI experience?

Dabengwa and Matsikenyeri must surely be dropped, but the problem with that is it means having Chakabva and Zhuwawo in the same team, which exposes our lack of experience so much... It's hard to see our form turning around so quickly to be honest. But if there is one positive to be taken out of this Twenty20 tournament it's that probably 90% of the wickets have been catches due to slogging. I can't think of any clean bowleds, and I think there has only been one or two "caught behinds" and lbw's, which is suggesting that we are getting out because we are rushing, not because we are struggling against the bowling.

I'm not sure if we have any tour matches in Kenya, but I do hope a 40 or 50 over match has been arranged against Uganda. One game to adjust into normal cricket is sorely needed IMO.

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