Southern Hemisphere Twenty20

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Southern Hemisphere Twenty20

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I think this should be an 8 team tournament.

I think for Australia and New Zealand, the teams which progress into the Southern Hemisphere tournament should simply be the table leaders of the previous seasons domestic competition (3 from Australia, 2 from New Zealand). For instance, say New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia led the Twenty20 domestic tournament, they'd send Sydney, Melbourne and Perth into the SH T20. Not really sure of NZ's structure, but for the sake of this, let's say that Auckland and Wellington progress.

As for Africa, I think there should be a short qualifying tournament with 8 teams. The 4 top SA teams (Cape Town, Pretoria, Jo'burg, Durban), the two top Zimbabwean teams (Harare, Bulawayo), 1 from Kenya (Nairobi) and 1 from Namibia (Windhoek). The top 3 teams then progress to the SH T20 (say Cape Town, Jo'burg, Harare).

Each team could be given a ranking based on their domestic or qualifying performances (by some mutually agreed upon points system). Say it looked like this:

1. Melbourne 56 points
2. Cape Town 49 points
3. Sydney 47 points
4. Perth 45 points
5. Jo'burg 41 points
6. Auckland 35 points
7. Wellington 34 points
8. Harare 30 points

Each year there could be a host city (maybe the one with the highest number of points, but no city can host consecutive years in which case it goes to the second highest).

So say it is Melbourne. The cricket ground used is the MCG, with 2 matches per day (one in the day, one under lights) for a week. The incentive is to get into the top 4 in order to get a "second chance", for all other teams, each match is an elimination.

Here is an example of how the league could look:

Day 1: Melbourne vs Perth (qualifying match)
Day 1: Cape Town vs Sydney (qualifying match)

Day 1 results: Perth win, Sydney win, Melbourne and Cape Town get a "second chance" on Day 3.

Day 2: Johannesburg vs Harare (elimination match)
Day 2: Auckland vs Wellington (elimination match)

Day 2 results: Harare win, Auckland win, Johannesburg and Wellington are eliminated

Day 3: Cape Town vs Harare (semi final)
Day 3: Melbourne vs Auckland (semi final)

Day 3 results: Harare win, Melbourne win, Cape Town and Auckland are eliminated

Day 4: Perth vs Harare (preliminary final)
Day 4: Sydney vs Melbourne (preliminary final)

Day 4 results: Perth win, Melbourne win, Harare and Sydney are eliminated

Day 5: Perth vs Melbourne (final)

In other words:

Code: Select all

DAY 1: Team 1 vs Team 4 (Game 1)
DAY 1: Team 2 vs Team 3 (Game 2)

DAY 2: Team 5 vs Team 8 (Game 3)
DAY 2: Team 6 vs Team 7 (Game 4)

DAY 3: Game 2 Loser vs Game 3 Winner (Game 5)
DAY 3: Game 1 Loser vs Game 4 Winner (Game 6)

DAY 4: Game 1 Winner vs Game 5 Winner (Game 7)
DAY 4: Game 2 Winner vs Game 6 Winner (Game 8)

DAY 5: Game 7 Winner vs Game 8 Winner (Game 9 - Final)
So what are the benefits of this system:

- 9 games in 5 days, it's not overkill
- The nature of an elimination tournament (ie. everything after Day 1) means no meaningless matches
- Good for TV ratings, it's more likely people will tune in for every match if there's the chance that it could be their teams last game (ie. there's no "I'll watch the next game" factor).
- Incentive for teams to play good cricket. The higher they finish, the better their chances of progressing to the final with the added bonus of a two day break for the Day 1 winners to observe the opposition and a second chance for the Day 1 losers.

This is what I think they should do :mrgreen:

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Re: Southern Hemisphere Twenty20

Post by Kopje »

I just wish my beloved country Zimbabwe was too involved in this tournament, but i know it will never happen. The Aussies and Kiwis hate us nowadays, South Africa too :cry:

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Re: Southern Hemisphere Twenty20

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Kopje wrote:I just wish my beloved country Zimbabwe was too involved in this tournament, but i know it will never happen. The Aussies and Kiwis hate us nowadays, South Africa too :cry:
Don't count them out yet - there's specific mention of including non-SA teams in the Africa group in the report:
There is also potential for the African conference to feature sides not based in South Africa
I don't think they could include sides from other African countries and not include Zim. Besides, it was Norman Arendse who hated us, not CSA in general. Now Arendse's gone, who knows...

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