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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by Kriterion_BD » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:40 pm

Looks like we'll be chasing 320+. SL's lead is already sitting pretty at 312.

10% chance we'll chase this down but I'm more interested in seeing the team put up a nasty fight and not roll over limp. Wanna see a few individual goals as well. I hope Fizz either grabs the last 2 wicktets to get his maiden fiver, or splits it with Miraz so that they both bump their figures up a bit. Then I hope Tamim, Mushy, Mominul, and Miraz get some runs. The best case scenario is we win the game and Sabbir scores another duck :D. Win win situation.
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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by CrimsonAvenger » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:55 am

So what started as a more than promising first day of the series ended miserably on day 8. May be as Roshen Silva said yesterday, in hindsight, this was not the pitch to prepare given the spin experience of SL. May be another road was a better option from the overall series result perspective. Probably underestimated SL a bit too by not considering their recent test record.

Mustafiz and Lakmal: Non-subcontinent pacers can learn a lot from how they went about bowling in this series on the kind of pitches given to them.

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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by Kriterion_BD » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:44 am

I do like the thought of going for the result. If this was India, yes absolutely go for the highways. But against PAK and SL that would be needlessly defensive. In the quest for wins, you will lose some on pitches like these especially if you lose the toss. I'm not sure how long it takes to change the nature of a pitch from rank turner to flat highway. My guess is it would take at least 3-4 days (???). Shakib missing out really wrecks the balance. At the same time, this was a good opportunity to see what others have to offer.

Overall, the team batted like shit. Bowling was OK, we were helped by poor batting from the Lankans. This was not a pitch where 220 should have been a winning total. 250 maybe par, but this was a 275-300 type pitch I feel. The Tests vs England had more spin and certainly the Test we lost vs Australia in Chittagong turned way more than this one by day 3 and 4 (it started off flat).

I've already mentioned a lot of the important points above. But hats of the Sri Lanka...they outplayed us thoroughly. We showed some spine in Chittagong, but folded like laundry in Dhaka. Here are my marks out of 10:

Mominul: 8
Mustafiz: 7
Miraz: 6
Taijul: 5
Razzak: 5
Liton: 5
Riyad: 5
Mushfiq: 4
Mosaddek: 4
Tamim: 3
Imrul: 3
Sanjamul: 3
Sabbir: 0
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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by cricket_22001 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:32 am

I saw an article on cricinfo giving a possible reason for Mossadek Hossain's exclusion from the second test. All relates to the Dhaka Premier League & their influence. Not the first time outside influences determine the composition of a test team.
Also, what has happened to Jubair Hossain. He was the leggie chosen from left field, given a bit of a run & now discarded. He couldn't get a run in the NCL & hasn't appeared, so far, in the BCL. But he did appear for Bangldesh 'A' against Ireland late in 2017. Could he not be that leggie Bangladesh requires?

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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by Kriterion_BD » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:54 am

Given the results of the past 2 years, a number of serious systemic problems within the BD cricket structure are now getting clear. I've probably mentioned most of these earlier in this thread which is now almost 3 years in duration.

About 2 years ago it looked like BD were poised to become a top 5 team in ODIs and top 6 in Tests. That should remain our short term realistic goal and it is definitely possible. However, far from being the certainty I thought shortly after the OP of this thread, it will now require several stars to align. Here some of my thoughts as to what the problems are and what the solutions could be.

1) Uncontrollable players. Most of the BD players of recent times have gotten into various disciplinary issues. Shakib was suspened for 6 months in 2014, Tamim has been stripped of the vice captaincy, Al Amin was sent from the World Cup, Sabbir is currently in trouble for assaulting a fan, etc. A few fans took sides with ex coach Hathu against the senior players because Hathu was a no nonsense control freak, similar to Mangongo. I stand with the [senior] players, even if they are at fault, because at the end of the day they are the best players we have. We just need to accept the BD players have oversized egos and move on. of course the BCB is often at fault, overreacting at times (Shakib and Tamim) and underreacting at others (Sabbir).

2) Poor selection. The current selection panel has made a lot poor moves IMO. Most important was the blacklisting of Mominul that I think set his career back a couple years and by extension set BD as a team back. Insisting on Sabbir, and players like Shuvagoto Hom in the Test side was also incredibly foolish. Sabbir averages 32 in first class cricket...who thought he would average at least 35 in Tests, which is the what our expected minimum requirement should be from a specialist batsman? Sabbir is a hack plain and simple. At best he might eke our a career as a lower order blaster in LOI cricket but with shitty technique and limited IQ, thats it. Rubel's continued presence in the Test and T20 side is equally ridiculous.

I have similar reservations about players like Saifuddin, Mithun, Sanzamul, and Abu Jayed. I accept having a youngster with potential struggle or be inconsistent. That is in fact, a good sign. Just looking Blessing Muzarabani. Sure he's done poorly on occaision but he has a bit of pace and you can't coach a guy to grow to be 6'8". And he's backed up raw potential with a few inspiring spells. But guys like Mohammad Saifuddin have done nothing to warrant a belief that they could deliver a match winning performance against top opposition.

3) Poor planning. The team has been without a coach for 4 months now and will be for anothher month or two minumum. How hard is it to find a decent coach? Indications are the BCB are either not serious or they dojn't know how to hire foreigners. Possibly both.

Overuse of the Dhaka wicket has often resulted in subpar pitches and outfields. In general Dhaka is too central to cricket, and its probably a good thing 90% of our national team players are not from Dhaka or Chittagong. We need to make more use of the venues at Khulna and Sylhet. Its a good thing they played this last T20I in Sylhet, which went 4 years without any internationals. But more domestic games need to be hosted elsewhere.

Pitch preperation was good for the England and Australia series. Rank turners allowed us to win Tests vs both and tie the series. But against a fellow Asian side, who already good players of spin, and whose coach has all the inside intel on you may have been a poor idea. At least it showed agressive intent, but perhaps next time make a flat wicket that leaves space to draw series vs India or SL or PAK.

4) Rigidity of Thought. After all these years the team still relies on left arm spinners and believes spinners can only bowl if they turn the ball away from the batsman on strike. The modern game needs wrist spinners and most of them are expensive relative to finger spinners. However, the domestic cricket culture is so disgustingly biased against a wrist spinner, that currently Bangladesh has zero specialist wrist spinners in our domestic circuit. An asian nation, with no wrist spinners. That would be the equivalent of Australia not having a single left arm seam bowler in any Shield side.

I am sure there things I missed. However in the current climate, Bangladesh will be stuck at 8th or 9th in Tests and 7th or 8th in ODIs instead of pushing towards a middling rank of 5-6th like I had thought. If they address even half of those issues, they could/should be a top 6 side in both formats.
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