[Series Thread] Australia in Bangladesh 2017

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Re: [Series Thread] Australia in Bangladesh 2017

Post by Kriterion_BD » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:51 pm

jaybro wrote:
Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:52 am
Who would make a good captain Kriterion??

Tamin looks lazy and dis-interested in the field, Mahmudullah has been dropped and the rest are pretty young.

Sakib is the only other option.
I'm actually not that interested in changing the Test captain. Mushfiq has done a pretty decent job in terms of using the DRS an he has the respect of everyone on the team. He is also the most consistent run scorer and can bat in all conditions so he leads by example. He also has a exemplary work ethic.

His major flaws are stubbornness and rigidity, and he has a tendency to blame youngsters and newcomers into the team even when it was obvious the fault lies with senior players. He is viewed as the reason why mediocre players like Mahmudullah (his brother in law) played about 10 Tests too many.

That being said I am a huge fan of the guy for his toughness on the field. He was struck on the body by a 150 kph beamer from Varun Aaron during the 2014 Asia Cup, shook it off, and still managed to score a hundred. He averaged 170+ on the recent tour of NZ while battling bruised fingers and finally stopped terrorizing the Kiwis when he was struck on the head by a bouncer. Ironically, he was widley ridiculed for crying in public merely because a BPL franchise owner publically called him a bad captain.

Tamim does seem disinterested out in the field. But he has been working hard on his fitness the past 2 years and its showed in his numbers.

Shakib was perhaps not ready for the job back when he had it, and maybe he could be ready now.

But my future picks for Test captain would be Miraz and perhaps Mosaddek, although I dont know much about the latter. However according to Tamim, Musa has a very sharp cricketing brain. That may be a relative statement.
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Re: [Series Thread] Australia in Bangladesh 2017

Post by Kriterion_BD » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:58 pm

I didn't really watch the game yesterday. I didn't feel like watching the aussies rack up 550 declared and push on for an innings win. I figured Id get some sleep and hopefully wake up to see Australia at 450 for 6 or so. Always an optimist lol.

Was tickled to see them at 377 for 9 and a chance for us to keep them to well under 400...knock on wood.

Still a lead of 90 or so is pretty sizeable, but if Bangladesh bats well they should hopefully be in a position to go for the draw. Perhaps even an unlikely shot at the whitewash.

Just hope we wrap them up inside 5 overs tomorrow. Most pleased to see Miraz and Mustafiz both bowling to their potential. Fizz seems to be getting his pre injury pace back, although not quite there he did hit 138 a couple of times. Hope one of them gets a 4 fer tomorrow.
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Re: [Series Thread] Australia in Bangladesh 2017

Post by jaybro » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:08 am

The BD batsman let them down today getting bowled out for 150, I feel this side lacks one real standout batsman, someone who can be relied on and averages 45-50.

Good series though I really enjoyed it and credit must go to BD for preparing good test wickets.

Nathan Lyon man of the series for me
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Re: [Series Thread] Australia in Bangladesh 2017

Post by Kriterion_BD » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:15 pm

To be fair I thought that the pitch had deteriorated to being a 150 wicket by the time of the BD 2nd innings. Possibly a 200 wicket. Impossible to really tell of course.

The game was lost when we won the toss on what was then a very flat track (zero spin the first 2.5 days) and only put up 305. 400 was par, and to take control of the match we would have needed to score substantially more. Full credit to the Aussies.

I had always thought Nathan Lyon was underrated as a spinner, but I'm sure its due to him not bowling on helpful surfaces most of the time. But I really started to realize how good he was in the India tour earlier this year. He was beastly in this series. Even Murali probably never took 21 wickets in BD, and BD used to give him truckloads of wickets for fun.

In the end, I'm OK with this result...it would have been great to win 2-0, but there's always next time.

As far as your point about having the one gun batter. Its true we don't have the guy like a Smith, Williamson, or Root (I don't kind rate Kohli with that trio yet) who just score runs mechanically. The closest we have is Mushfiq, but as the WK he bats too far down the order to have that kind of impact. And with his WK skills improving a bit of late, he's not going to give up the gloves. I'll post some more thoughts in the main Bangladesh thread.
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