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Re: Will Pucovski

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Seeing as he is not the only one from CA who has pulled out from mental health issues, I would say it's not a him only issue, but rather something bigger.
And it's these people - and particularly sportspeople I might add, how many times have AFL players used mental health as a cover for a night out on recreational drugs - which devalue mental health issues for people that legitimately have depression.
And in the NRL they use it to get out of contracts and sign bigger contracts closer to ‘home’ or their parents, wife etc.
Keyword is ‘bigger contract’.
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Re: Will Pucovski

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We don't get to decide how serious Wills case mental situation is. It may be personal, it may be related to cricket, but we don't get to decide the severity of it and the impact it has on him. We are entitled to our opinions of him as a cricketer, but when you start to bring his personal situation in to the mix, then you are no longer judging the cricketer.

AFL and NRL are complete shit shows when it comes to their handling of cases. They are a boys club that has a specific culture, and they want to keep it that way. It's why Sam Newman fits in so well with AFL. Sports bred out of redneck areas will always keep to those roots. Cricket on the other hand, is far bigger than those two sports.

Depression and anxiety can be treated, natural talent can't be. So to say that if someone is going through a mental issue, they should just be discarded, that is the complete opposite of what you do.

Mental issues are starting to gain traction in the western world as actual health issues, and not something that was just dismissed as a curse by some N'anga or witch doctor. As with anything that has traction, there are those who abuse it, hence why you may see it being used for people who genuinely don't have it. That does not mean it does not exist and those who actually suffer from it are on some made up fairy land. Third world countries don't have the traction where it is openly discussed and accepted. There are still many who see it is a taboo, or something that is just because you don't pray, or you have been cursed, or it's just because you sit in your room and play computer games.

There is more to it than what Doggy is saying. Everyone has anxiety to a degree. You feeling nauseous is a normal thing, but you choosing not to address it does not mean that someone choosing to do is not up to the standard required. There is nothing weak about accepting, speaking up, seeking help, and working to better it.

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