India at home, Can anyone Beat them??

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Re: India at home, Can anyone Beat them??

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If Australia are going to keep serving up Shield pitches like the one at Junction Oval the other day, no wonder we struggle abroad. Zampa got carted & thank goodness Lloyd Pope didn't play. He's a leggie of whom much is hoped.
England are an enigma. Certain series( Ashes 05, India 12/13, SL last year) they focus & plan & get it right. Then, it seems, they ride on that success, get dusted by other countries (like Windies earlier this year) & then realise that was a wake up call.
But whoever hopes to win in India in the near future, do your homework on Ashwin. The bastard is bowling hand grenades in India & rarely gets those injuries which mysteriously manifest themselves when he tours.

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Re: India at home, Can anyone Beat them??

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England have this issue across all their sports. They have a period of success and they think overly highly of things, even though they did not really achieve anything.

Like their football team (of which I am sadly a fan). They finished 3rd, but they were poor throughout. They could easily have lost to Colombia in the round of 16. Instead they were hyped up so much and all their players have over inflated prices. They haven't achieved anything and every time they come up against a good side, they get shown up. In fact, they got shown up by the Czechs recently.

Same issue with the cricket team. All were talking highly after that WC (which depending on who you ask, they did not win) and then they got smacked by Smith and Labuschagne. Even their Messiah couldn't save them.

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