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Steve Smith Incident

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:54 am
by jaybro
Hot topic at the moment in cricket is the Steve Smith incident on the last day of the 3rd test where he was 'caught' on the stump camera messing around the crease. The camera shows Smith shadow batting as a left hander before scrubbing his foot over the crease, it has been viewed in two ways, view a Smith was marking his own centre which too be honest seems odd, but he's an odd guy. View B is that he was rubbing out Pant's mark which forced Pant to mark centre again, again this seems odd because regardless of whether Smith did rub out the mark, Pant like every other batsman would retake centre multiple times throughout an innings, some players take centre every time they come back on strike.

The reaction from this has made me both angry and laugh, I laugh because I have never seen such a little incident; which really shouldn't even be an incident turn into such controversy, they've really made a mountain out of a mole hill. Even if Smith was rubbing out Pant's mark on purpose, it's not that big a deal, it's not against the rules and it's not going to effect the batsman because as I said he will retake centre many times during an innings.

I'm angry because it's given the cricket world another chance to lay the boot into Australia, for a series not involving them the English certainly have come out condemning Smith & Australia big time!!! The calls of 'The Aussies back to their old habits of cheating" have come out and to be frank have zero credibility. I feel sorry for Smith because he's done a lot of work to improve his image and win back respect after the sand paper gate; which really he had little part in, now for these bottom feeders to take a cheap swipe at him is disappointing.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of controversy to come out of the SCG Test, some stuff has been bad such as the racist abuse of Siraj (which has been found to be one person shouting out one line) the comments from Ravi Ashwin that he has been abused in every Sydney Test he has played has poured fuel on the fire, as did his comments that it's to do with how Australians are brought up. This I found amusing, imagine if Smith or Tim Paine had suggested that there was an issue with how Indian people were brought up? This would have caused an uproar and no doubt the 'Aussies are racists' call would have come out again.

Paine himself has come under fire for sledging Ashwin, again the Aussies' reputation has come back to bite them in this instance, calling someone a 'Dickhead' and telling them their team mates don't like them is hardly brutal, once again the English have jumped straight in with the 'Same old Aussies blah blah blah'. I can't believe Paine actually made an official apology for this, the only thing he should have apologised for was dropping three catches.


Re: Steve Smith Incident

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:37 am
by eugene
The Australians acting like idiots is nothing new, I am surprised anyone is surprised.

Re: Steve Smith Incident

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 10:07 pm
by sloandog
I have some thoughts.

I tend to agree with you on almost all your points.

Smith was just being Smith, weird. I also think it was extremely stupid of him to do that in the public eye with cameras on him at all times and, as you've pointed out, with a lot of the cricketing fraternity waiting for a slip up on his part to condemn him further. To be honest mate, what went down in SA was absolutely appalling and it tarnished Smith and Warners names for good. No matter how many runs they score and no matter how well they try and portray themselves, they will never shake that off. Even if he wasn't involved that much he still bare face lied to the umpires and tried to conceal it on the field. I have a lot of sympathy for Smith, I do. He's world class and i love watching him bat because he just almost laughs in the face of bowlers he's that good. But his marking of the crease was stupid. Move away from the batters spot, it's there for a reason, don't go fucking about with it when you're still public enemy number 1 in a lot of peoples eyes.

Paine and Ashwin was funny. In fact I thought Ashwins response was brilliant :lol: It really got to Paine as well because he resorted to cheap digs on a personal level but faaaaaaaack me, are we all that delicate now that we can't enjoy a bit of toxicity on the pitch? Imagine some of the shit Lillee and Hughes dished out to this snowflake world? I've been told I'm going to die on a cricket pitch by some bowlers :lol: :lol: I think the world needs to get a grip and we need to get back to this kind of chat. Paine's a good bloke and he's done a lot for CA's image. This incident has been blown way out of proportion and we need to move on. The arrogance of India is there for all to see and they simply don' like it, that's all. They're better than Australia in my opinion but not by much.

The racism is wrong on all levels and has to be eradicated from cricket but, sadly, it'll never happen in our lifetime. Ashwin's comments about the way they've been brought up was equally as bad and he should be fined for that. If it was reciprocated by the Aussies, like you said, the world would go into a racial meltdown. You can't have your fucking cake and eat it. I'm all for equality, but choosing to pull the race card or get personal with somebody when it fits your rhetoric is something I can't stand. Man up and get the fuck on with the game.

Cricket between 2000 and 2008 for me were the best years!

Re: Steve Smith Incident

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:37 am
by jaybro
Good points Sloan