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Re: Bangladesh Watch 2015-2019

Post by Kriterion_BD » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:34 pm

jaybro wrote:
Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:32 am
Is it really a great tournament for BD considering they only won one game? They were beaten fairly comfortably by England considering they made 300+ and were getting pumped by Australia before the rain set in. Of course the win over NZ was special to get through to the semi where they were again convincingly beaten by India. I know the rain played havoc with the tournament, but I think BD have achieved too much over the past 3 years to think winning 1 game at the Champions Trophy is a success ??
Everyone was stoked when England knocked the Aussies out and BD progressed. But the overwhelming mood now is disappointment at the meek surrenders apart from the NZ game. I wouldn't call the tournament a big disappointment or failure (we weren't expected by outsiders to win any games as everyone in our group are more suited to the conditions), but I wouldn't call it a rousing success either.

There are several questions about our ODI side going into the next couple of years.

1) Soumya and Sabbir failed miserably at the top of the order. Both are talented, but need to work on their technique and have glaring temperamental problems.

2) Mustafiz is slightly down on pace (top speed down from 143 to 140, avg from 135 to 131), but more important is that he has sprayed the new ball all over the place. Will he get his pinpoint accuracy back? His cutters were troubling Joe Root, so I won't say he's been found out or that none of the pitches gripped enough even though it may not be like the SC wickets hes used to.

3) we need a wrist spinner

4) and a big hitter like Fakhar or ideally like Pandya

If this questions aren't answered well, we won't be able to crack the top 5 anytime soon.
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