[Updated Apr 2017] Attention All Posters

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[Updated Apr 2017] Attention All Posters

Post by maehara »

(April 2017 update: amended the new-user DOs and DON'Ts)

To prevent spam and stop banned users resurrecting themselves with duplicate accounts, the permissions granted to 'new' forum members - defined as 'less than 10 posts' - allow new users to register themselves and read the forums with no restriction. However, until you have 10 posts to your name, any posts / threads you make will be subject to admin approval & won't be visible to the rest of the board until approved by an Admin. This is not guaranteed - we may disapprove posts, but if we do we'll tell you why.

This should effectively end the spamstorm in General Discussion, and mean that any new members should be on best behaviour for at least a while.

By 'best behaviour', we suggest the following:

- DO start by joining in existing live topics, instead of jumping right in with starting your own.
- DO remember basic rules of netiquette.
- DO try and make a meaningful contribution to the conversation - simple 'me too' style posts will likely still be approved, but won't exactly endear you to the existing members or make your entrance memorable.
- DO think about your language. We're fairly relaxed about strong language in general, but it MUST NOT be directed to other users / personal attacks. That will result in thread / message deletion, or a ban for repeat offences.

- DON'T use your first new topic to rehash a subject we've already done to death.
- DON'T use your first post to resurrect long-dead threads - if there's been no contribution to a thread within the last few weeks, leave it be.
- DON'T engage in personal attacks.
- DON'T assume that you have any free speech right on the forums - you don't - or expect admins to discuss admin / moderator actions in open topics. Sometimes we might, but we'll be far more likely to hit 'delete'. Whether that's on your thread or your account depends on just how much you've managed to annoy us.

Also: Don't Feed the Trolls.
Instead, silence them! At least as far as you're concerned.

-> Click on any username to access that user's profile
-> Click 'Add Foe' to add them to your 'foes' list.

This will collapse that user's posts so that you don't see them in threads. If someone's posts are annoying you, then that's the way to deal with them.

If you choose to reply to people who drive you to bad or aggressive language, be aware I'll be aggressively deleting your replies. And this annoys me, because it takes time and I have little enough of it free at the moment.

Carry on. :D