ZC Corruption Scandal - Heath Streak

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Re: ZC Corruption Scandal - Heath Streak

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Streak’s statement
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Re: ZC Corruption Scandal - Heath Streak

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secretzimbo wrote:
Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:53 pm
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UAE's Qadeer Ahmed banned today.

So, we now have; Heath Streak, Qadeer Ahmed, Shaiman Anwar and Naveed; ALL were involved in 'that' WCQ match in 2018. All have been banned, for years, due to corruption incidents over a number of years.

BUT.......conveniently, apparently none of them did anything wrong in that particular match or that WCQ tournament? Seems very very unlikely.
Why would they throw that match?
UAE won.
We had a lot more to gain financially by putting them away
I'm not saying they threw the match or anything. Just find it hard to believe that there wasn't at least something going on in that match, either from the Zim side or UAE side or something? There's a further 2 UAE players from that day currently under investigation for other fixtures as well. That would make it 6 people out of 24 (players + head coaches) involved in that match now banned for corruption. Just seems a lot. It was, as we've discussed, a pretty strange match too.

And corruption cases in cricket are almost never about throwing matches or purposely losing/winning either.
If anyone should be sued for that match, it should be Mr Duckworth and Mr Lewis, i still find the formula very flowed omg. That day was really dark and topped by the arrogant Afghans in all ZC FB groups it was a huge shitshow
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