2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

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Rajkumar Sharma
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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by Rajkumar Sharma »

Division 2 Initiative has 2 advantage :

Firstly, Zimbabwe/ Afgan/ Ire will get frequent test fixtures which they hardly gets in recent years, against each other and also with the relegated side

Secondly, If division 2 starts, there will be promotion - relegation system and on winning division 2 championship can create a chance as 9th side in Test Championship

If the present situation continues, then Zim, Ire, Afghan will have to play waiting game in test format what they have been doing all the years and top teams will continue to give excuse of broadcasters, profit issues in playing against Zim

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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by secretzimbo »

Netherlands have 7 players currently playing County cricket. A full strength Netherlands team would give us a good red ball game. Zim should still win but it wouldn’t be one sided or anything.

We’d still be able to organise our annual series with Pakistan outside of the championship structure and hopefully occasionally with SL/Bangladesh etc.

I think it’s a good initiative but only if there is promotion.

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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by TapsC2 »

If there is a relegation/promotion playoff then I’m fine with a second division

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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by ZIMDOGGY »

I don’t really get excited when I see one of our players knock a big score against these shit sides, not if they never play the big ones
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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by eugene »

They key is really what is the pathway to the first division? Will there be relegation?
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Re: 2nd T20I | Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan | Harare

Post by zimbos_05 »

Well Nepal just scored 238 and bowled Netherlands out for 96 in a T20.

I don't think we've gotten near 170/180 in a T20. Whatmore seeming to be doing good work with them.

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