Tawanda Muyeye Watch

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Re: Tawanda Muyeye Watch

Post by Donald »

I remember early in 2020 seeing his twitter posts regarding the Zimbabwe government and thought to myself no way is this boy playing for Zimbabwe.

A crying shame but we have madhevere myers marumani and shumba and as someone else stated Bawa coming through. A slew of good young batsmen.
Just need some quality quicks now in the mould of blessing or Olonga 👌😂

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Re: Tawanda Muyeye Watch

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I have no issue with him not wanting to play for Zimbabwe, although I wish he would. I am not a massive fan of his manipulating the asylum seeker system to get here. He was very comfortably raised and when I think of the many people who struggle to get asylum here, it sticks in my throat that he is just manipulating a system to get a fast track to residency which he could probably have gotten it post university.

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Re: Tawanda Muyeye Watch

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England will soon be the Africa XI

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