Zimbabwe A Vs South Africa A! June

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Re: Zimbabwe A Vs South Africa A! June

Post by CrimsonAvenger »

zimbos_05 wrote:
Mon May 31, 2021 10:43 pm
We especially don't have that liberty when we continue to pick Chamu, Richmond, Maruma, Wellington etc etc
I'm shocked that you are grouping Wellington along with the other three proven failed cricketers. No wonder you weren't impressed with his performances in the recent series.

Number of matches played:

Chamu: 146
Richie: 69
Maruma: 37
Welly: 35

Even when the matches played with Maruma are comparable, Wellington has 37 international wickets to show for his efforts with decent economy rates across formats. He hasn't even had a regular long run in the team to call him a failure or his selection a bias. He also regularly puts a high price tag on his wicket and fields exceptionally well.

I mean, it's pretty harsh on the guy, again.

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Re: Zimbabwe A Vs South Africa A! June

Post by TapsC2 »

zimbos_05 wrote:
Mon May 31, 2021 10:43 pm
TapsC2 wrote:
Mon May 31, 2021 5:07 am
If you then opt out of an A tour in favour of club cricket dont expect specialist treatment next season. That's the thing that always surprises me. The red carpet was rolled out. Literally the last hurdle was just to have a good series against SA and you in the team even though people like Nyauchi might have felt some type of way about it because they had to play maybe 7 seasons to get into the team
Im a little indifferent but mostly due to ZC track record. Opting out of a national series is one thing and thats the decision the individual must live with. It's always been the case that a player does something, we lambast them, then find out later that something happened behind the scenes with ZC.

I'm not saying Evans should get special treatment, but I guess we only have to look at the treatment of Chamu as an example. That man walks into any side not on form, but on who he knows. So to make the hurdle harder for the other guys isn't exactly fair.

If Evans or a Mashinge or anyone for that matter who is playing club cricket performs well in club cricket and wants to come back to Zim, I would welcome them back. The reality is we don't have the liberty to be selective and shut out players. We especially don't have that liberty when we continue to pick Chamu, Richmond, Maruma, Wellington etc etc
I get you but in this situation they actually named him in both squads. There is no way you can think playing club cricket will give you a better chance than playing against a strong SA 'A' team. That doesn't make sense, unless playing for Zim isn't your main priority.

Secondly there is serious competition for his position from Luke Jongwe. If all those kids get picked it will also mean that Burl will be competing for that number 8 slot as well with Tiripano probably the preferred number 9 for now and Myers being given a few overs. This was the perfect opportunity to show he belongs there

You have to be willing to put in the hard yards and sacrifice to play for your country. I am not a fan of people jumping the line because you get a situation like Solomon Mire where they will just walk away after 2 or so years when things aren't going well for them. You have to want it more than anything else.

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