2nd ODI: Zimbabwe vs Ireland

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Re: 2nd ODI: Zimbabwe vs Ireland

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We should focus to win every match and everyseries as possible best players from whole country should pick and talented youngstars should be pick to A team matches. talented players should keep with as. their don't go to other countries to represent. rankings should important for us. so many teams coming so strong. we should keep our rankings good for financial benefits

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Re: 2nd ODI: Zimbabwe vs Ireland

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sloandog wrote:
Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:13 am
We have floodlights at HSC....they're just upside down
I think we have the towers but no lights on them. Didn’t someone claim they were ‘stuck at customs’ about 5 years ago and we’ve never seen them since haha? That’s very Zimbabwean.

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Re: 2nd ODI: Zimbabwe vs Ireland

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Something to do with the towers have been installed incorrectly

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