Zimbabwe domestic season 2021-22

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Re: Zimbabwe domestic season 2021-22

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secretzimbo wrote:
Wed Jan 12, 2022 2:50 pm
Updated fixtures have ben circulated;

Pro50 Final: Saturday 15th Jan
Logan Cup resumes: Monday 17th Jan
Domestic Twenty20: End of March
Lol, franchise received these dates yesterday but have been told this morning that it's changed already and the Pro50 final is 'TBA'. Changes every single day. What a joke.

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Re: Zimbabwe domestic season 2021-22

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Hes coming back from ankle surgery. I'd think he's taking a chance playing so soon, but clearly desperate to impress.
I'd say he's bowling at 75%. He's always bowled within himself though, compounded by the fact that in red ball he's had to play a containing role. He seems to lose his radar if he tries to bowl flat out. A dead cert way of getting picked here is to be able to bowl mid to high 130's consistently and be able to hold a bat. We're desperate for guys with real ability, in Evans we certainly have one, but his mental game needs a big kick. That's easier said than done. He seems to get emotional instead of focused and determined when the pressure is on. Once you see a guy punching his bat or haranguing himself at a mis-hit when he's only chasing 7's, you know he's not going to get the job done. The good'uns get that thousand yard stare and decide they're winning this on their own. He's currently not a chaser, theres work to do there, and he's wasted in this team coming in down the order and having to get on with it, he needs to bat up the order where run rate is not an issue initially, he's absolutely good enough to top 4 in any franchise here. If he just stopped going aerial he'd make big runs, he's a good player.
He needs to be made to bowl 4 or 5 over spells fast, he needs to send in a bouncer more often, he's got a good one.

I thought he could have bowled a bit better at Compton actually. He bowled at him too often and then the ones going across him were a fraction short and wide, Compton was able to cut and guide, he needed to get him on the front dog. Also Compton doesn't look like a puller (might be wrong), a couple of well directed bouncers would likely be dot balls and keep him guessing.

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