Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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Re: Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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Googly wrote:
Thu Nov 18, 2021 5:09 pm
There was actually a cricket club at Hwange many years ago, I played there a few times, which is fairly adjacent to Vic Falls.
Aside from the above the heat there during summer is astonishing. Its often in the 40's. It's absolutely brutal.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIXYY5N ... =mackawara

Looks like it is still used at a very local level. There was a lovely old pavilion with a lot of old memorabilia - quite a few touring teams played there in the 80's including India I think. Sadly burnt down a decade or so back. But if those guys want to play any other club they have at least a 4-hour drive to Byo or somewhere. Same issue Vic Falls would have.

Above few posts by Googly and Chole sum it up really - we've all got long wish lists of things we need to fund first. A stadium in the falls is the last thing we need. It's a luxury, and we can't afford luxuries right now. Hopefully this glut of ICC events we are hosting and the general dicksucking Mukuhlani seems to be doing a lot of at the ICC recently, helps us start ticking off some of these wishlists.

In 2003 I think we had 5 or 6 matches, out of 54. which is pretty shit. Would hope for at least 10 this time, split across HSC and Queens.

(Also, I can't imagine how unbearably hot the weather has been down there this week. It's been bad enough here! Excited for the rain....)

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Re: Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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When I played it was beautiful and the hospitality was amazing. We ended up staying for 3 days.
That clip made me bleak, there's no excuse for that, Hwange has been operational all this time, thats just straight mismanagement.

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Re: Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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From a general perspective, this is great news.

I can't help but think that as a fan of zim cricket, it's bad news.

All this does is assert Mukhulani and the board. It makes it seem that they are doing a great job, when the reality suggests otherwise. The more the ICC keep awarding us events, the more the BCCI get their guaranteed vote and TM can hold on to power pretending that he is doing a great job.

I would hate to think of the team we would put out there by then. We definitely have the talent, but if ZC have their way, we'll still have Rajput in charge and who knows the hiding we will be getting from Nigeria by then.

This should really be the kickstart ZC needs. Call it Project 27 if you need. Start identifying and picking out players that will be able to play in this team. Start running camps and talent programmes. Start training players who will feature in this event. Get in top coaches to run this programme and identify consultant. I don't mean you need top money coaches, but coaches with some calibre better than Rajput. Start developing the grounds and building them for 2027. Someone mentioned the floodlights. I know we have issues with ZESA, but as a test playing nation, it's a shame we can't provide D/N cricket.

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Re: Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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2027 will all depend on #1 getting guys like Wes, Shumba, Myers, Bawa to stick around and #2 getting them to develop to the level of Taylor/Williams/Ervine/Raza or at least close to them.
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Re: Zimbabwe to Co-Host 2027 ODI World Cup

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Those floodlights will be old technology by now. Surely they will have brighter and cheaper LED options out there now that suck less electricity.

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