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Is T20 the ideal format for grooming young cricketers?

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 3:22 am
by Tinah09
With international cricket shifting more towards the shortest format (T20) , with fewer ODIs and even fewer test, is/will this impact the quality of young batsmen coming into the fold? Granted that current/retired players like AB de Villiers , Kholi, Smith, Warner could/can easily switch from test to T20 mode at the snap of a finger, this might not hold true for this emerging generation of players who play very little test cricket compared to their predecessors.

Test cricket is the best form of cricket where batsmen learn how to build an innings, shot selection, what to play and what to leave, patience, playing each ball on its merits. But due to the high costs and low revenue (allegedly) associated with staging tests, I think we are going to see a diminishing quality of batsmen on the international stage. for example a young promising batsman like Marumani needs to spend hours on the pitch, rotating the strike, blocking, nudging and leaving instead of employing his default strategy of trying to smack every ball for a six. Hopefully 2022 will usher in more test cricket as the main course with T20 taking its rightful place as an appetiser or desert

Re: Is T20 the ideal format for grooming young cricketers?

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 1:24 pm
I think maybe from a psychological perspective it might be.
Zim players of the recent past have buckled under pressure everytime. Ease them to the psyche of the world stage and increased pace of bowlers.

Mayeb not so much in these Scotland type games.