Why do we never play Namibia?

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Re: Why do we never play Namibia?

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I really wish the environment existed for associates and fake full members like Zimbabwe to play each other more regularly. Some of my favourite cricket is watching associates play each other. Imagine what African/Asian cricket could be if Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Uganda, UAE, Oman, etc could play each other more regularly. Maybe some of these teams would actually get better?
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Re: Why do we never play Namibia?

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Uganda beat Namibia today, good to see other teams pushing Namibia.

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Re: Why do we never play Namibia?

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Tinah09 wrote:
Fri Feb 11, 2022 11:44 am
I can get the lack of $$ being a limiting factor to overseas tours, but as ZD pointed out, this is at most a 6 hour bus ride, reasonable hotels in Namibia are cheaper than Zimbabwe where a struggle 3 star establishment charges Palm Beach rates. A travelling party of 15 players and 5 staff. No Rajput coz he’s never around anyway, Hami and other fat at suits can sit this one out, they can take the opportunity to pen more vitriolic press statements against Streak and Taylor. I think a 1-2 week tour is affordable
It's a 23 hour drive according to Google Maps.

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