1st ODI Zimbabwe v Afghanistan

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Re: 1st ODI Zimbabwe v Afghanistan

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Also this NPL and now this T20 league, which is supposed to be club stuff is being played mid week. That's ZC assuming, rightly or wrongly, that nobody actually has a job :lol: .
They want to tick that box of more cricket and guys have to work around freeing up mid week time. I can't answer, but I would think some players are having to duck from work.
This impromptu cricket is way better than nothing, but surely plan it a year in advance. Have a set schedule, name the competition and make sure it happens on time. Make it an annual event that clubs gear up for, get some tradition going, get some proper rivalries going. They also created one extra academy team and promptly ordered the best players from other clubs to join it, weakening those sides and cricket is a funny old game because they didnt even win :lol:
Club cricket is for weekends, surely? We need proper ling term advanced planning, not crisis management. It's a start though. Long may it continue.

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