Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan 3rd T20 2022

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan 3rd T20 2022

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan 3rd T20 2022

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Googly wrote:
Tue Jun 14, 2022 2:21 pm
Their bowling attack won't be much better than the Afghans, if at all. These guys are good. The real pain will be bowling to the Aussies.
We are shit but they have really stepped up. It's always sad that we are the first team to see such things but they have some serious bowlers.

I have always believed world class bowlers improve the overall system a lot more than world class batsmen. For example I feel if you get 3 county bowlers instead of Compton, Welch and co the system would benefit more.

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan 3rd T20 2022

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tej_27 wrote:
Tue Jun 14, 2022 10:43 am

All was good till he mentioned in the last part that streak and co conspired to lose against uae ..what nonsense who even allows mehluli to write articles it seems he wants to somehow prove streak and Taylor as match fixers when icc has given them clean chit atleast in this regard
You expect Melhuli to write with credibility? The man has none. He's a self-centred individual who whenever he is challenged on his role and the work he does, he runs off screaming, "I don't need to listen to haters". It's not wonder he's not had a career outside of Zim.

On a side note, had Rajput been sacked yet? A whitewash against Afghanistan is utter shite.

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