Dean at the Stumps

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Dean at the Stumps

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My apologies if this has been posted earlier, but Dean du Plessis has a very entertaining podcast on Zim Cricket.

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Re: Dean at the Stumps

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Great stuff as usual. I'd have to disagree on one point Dave H made and that was lumping Pakistan in with the others as being spin heavy, they've got some of the world's premier quicks, Afghanistan are also making strides, in fact all the sides have got some really good seamers.
We were renowned for one thing actually, and that was our fielding. For a period we were considered the best fielding side in the world. That ship has probably sailed, the standard of fielding these days in the top teams is mind boggling, but we could certainly close that gap right up. He's a calm, thoughtful smart guy, great for us, long may he last.

A green top is a bit of a cop out, but we're not spoilt for choice, any good seamers can take advantage of a green wicket, what you're essentially doing is preparing a 50:50 wicket that will probably make for a lower scoring game and hoping some luck goes your way, which is fair enough under the circumstances. Our seamers definitely need to work on bowling tighter lines though, they're all a bit wayward.

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Re: Dean at the Stumps

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Interestingly, Tarisai Musakanda is Dean’s latest guest. Probably not a coincidence.

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