Antum Naqvi

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Mr Twig
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Re: Antum Naqvi

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sam_ahm wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2024 4:04 pm
Adam Theo mentioning on X that Antum Naqvi is close to getting his Zimbabwean passport and might make his debut as early as the India series.

How true is this guys?
This Adam Theo has gone all out with this news so for his sake i hope it's true.

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Re: Antum Naqvi

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Googly wrote:
Tue Jan 31, 2023 3:08 pm
Nobody was after him initially. People merely queried where he might be from and why he was here. Just read the thread.
He misconstrued what was said, which is just weird, sensitive AND stupid, and out came the race card :lol: I wonder if he pulled that one in Aus?
The world is messed up when he buys a spot, prejudices some more deserving players, makes some runs and people then say back off he's earned it. He could of course play his cricket in Pakistan where race would never be an issue.
The only thing that sucks is karma hasn't gifted him a couple of ducks or a Chivanga bouncer.

You've got Byrom, who as a fact is a better player, trying to prepare for FC county, keep his foot in the door here etc etc, now cooling his heels because this guy's dad has money and needs a few games to get a visa!!! That's bullshit all day long.
Some of the comments in this thread aren't great. Also I don't see the link to Byrom. Byrom seems to have no interest in playing for Zimbabwe so if you look at it from that perspective of preparation he is using the zim system just as much as Naqvi.

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Re: Antum Naqvi

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Are you talking about my comments in particular?
Those were made a while back and yet still hold water.

The link to Byrom was that Ed was dropped from his franchise team to make way for Naqvi. At the time a number of us thought that was really offsides and was actually the first indication that some incentives were on offer. Also back then he had not made his intentions to qualify be known. Had he announced it, that may have shed a different slant on it. Plus Eddie isn't trying to fudge any rules, he's merely playing his winter cricket here and as I said is keeping on the Zim radar. There's definitely a chance, however remote, that Ed will be back full time in Zim one day.
Knackers is trying to bend the rules, which most people don't have a problem with. Even my opinion has softened slightly in this regard, we're so desperate for a couple of players most of us will turn a blind eye.

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