Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by grant »

I have no idea how Faraz Akram keeps getting picked. Nothing about his game suggest he's ever going to be an international standard player.

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by Donald »

Bowling is a big worry. Blessing ngarava and Evans should be the locked in bowlers. Other than that chatara and faraz should be nowhere near the pitch.

Obviously i understand there are injuries. Chivanga would have done ok surely in this series. Even someone like gwandu would be a progression over chatara. Theyle lad just doesn't have it anymore.
Faraz doesn't look international quality. Mumba did OK last match. He is never going to set world alight though

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by sloandog »

In 2017 Mumba was literally clocking in at the mid 80's against Sri Lanka and looked like a fantastic talent. A real fall from grace

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by sam_ahm »

It's all experimentation guys, they are not taking these games seriously. Namibia are almost full strength barring Trumpellman. The problem is we lose a lot of rating points if we lose to the likes of Namibia and that is where I'm not happy about.

Anyways, very keen to get things right in the Qualifiers, there no way Zim can afford to slip up one bit.

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by zimbos_05 »

Are these losses really that shocking? Yes some big players are missing, but these issues have been there for a long time. We often paper over the cracks with random series wins or a win against a bigger nation. Then we get all excited and happy and boisterous, but then we end up with shit like in the WCQ or this series.

Dave is good, but I don't think the players work as hard as they should to improve. We have had a sub-par batting coach for a long time. We often make the same mistakes, which suggests little to no learning and developing.

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Re: Zimbabwe vs Namibia | 4th T20I

Post by Googly »

I'm not sure why everyone keeps gunning Matsi?
Everyone assumes he's shit because we keep bottling it, but I'm sure he's imparting the right info. It's not actually rocket science anyway. You can lead a horse to water...
For me a good coach is someone a player buys into and who works hard with individuals.
If a player needs to buy into a coach who's had a great career, but he's saying the same stuff as someone who hasn't there's not much you can do about that.
A coach is not going to resonate with everyone in the team anyway, people have different personalities.

Also Matsi is not working in a bubble, he's talking to Kirby and Houghton all the time and most often they're probably all together. They'll talk about who needs what and Matsi goes and does one thing, kirby another and Houghton chips in.

This qualifier should work in their favor as there's some pressure on them now. I don't see why we can't win every game. A fair amount rests on selection and who's available, who's injured and whether Williams bothers to show up.
We don't want to go backwards with a coaching change...and backwards it will be.

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