Ryan Higgins Turned Down Zimbabwe Approach

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Re: Ryan Higgins Turned Down Zimbabwe Approach

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ZIMFAN wrote:
Wed May 29, 2024 4:44 pm
I like that they tried.

I know there are probably reasons for it (favouritism, rolling out the red carpet for whites etc) but I really don't see why Higgins or any of the other bigger name expats need to live in Zim. Mire didn't. I don't see given how little game time there is domestically someone like Higgins couldn't stay living in London and fly in for blocks like Logan cup games, the one day matches and T20 week. He'd only need to be in Zim about 70 days a year. Max. He can still live his life as he pleases especially with a wife and family.

Cartwright probably won't want to leave Perth to live in Harare. So don't make him.

You have to entice these guys and maybe this is a way to do it.
Same answer as always... He would lose his job in county cricket, as he would no longer be England qualified.

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Re: Ryan Higgins Turned Down Zimbabwe Approach

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Yeah the problem is the rules and regulations about international players and their contracts etc. only associate members can enjoy having their best players playing domestic cricket in another country. We are maybe 10 years away from that being corrected and unfortunately the only way that gets sorted out is the year international players start having their main contracts being IPL contracts

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