Would Baz-Ball work in India?

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Would Baz-Ball work in India?

Post by jaybro »

Two big Test series happening right now, two empathic victories by the two best teams in the world on form, that being Rohit’s India and Stokes’ England.

India are impenetrable at home they really are, and it would take something special and different to beat them I. Their own back yard. Enter Baz-Ball

Brendan McCullum has transformed a boring, dull and confidence stricken English Test side into a bigger and badder version of their ODI side. They’re playing a brand of cricket that is putting fear into everyone and is ultimately proving too much to handle for anyone in their way.

But would it work in India, against this Indian team, in those Indian conditions?? Discuss -
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Re: Would Baz-Ball work in India?

Post by sam_ahm »

May be not but it will be an interesting watch for sure. England don't bank on playing more than 60 overs in an innings anyways, and look to get 300+ in those 60 overs. Should be very interesting.

I'll be interested in watching a full strength Pakistan play India in India, we will fancy winning that but I'm sure Pakistan will play spin better than most of these overseas countries.

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