Dissecting the 2nd ODI

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Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by zimfan1 » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:21 pm

Well a better performance with the bat this time but we lost it in the field around the 40 over mark it got embarrising at one point. I dont know about Utseya's captancy anymore, i used to have faith in him but his constant bowling of Chibbha and sending himself in above Chigumbura and chosing to bowl has to be questioned.

From the batting points of veiw good knocks by Coventry who showed us that he can play at this level and probably secured a place for himself in the middle order and sean williams who made his highest ODI score after a bad run of form recently.

Matsikenyeri probably did enough to ensure that he retains his place for the next game game but his slow scoring when runs were needed must mean that Malcom Waller is breathing down his neck along with Madaskza who will face competition from Sibanda and Chibabha has to be dropped.

The batting order needs a rejig With possibly Taylor going up to open and with Williams at 3 or 4

If Utseya wasnt captain then i would bring in Cremer for him but if we lose this series i think Utseya will go as skipper along with the coach

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by Boundary » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:39 pm

Over the past few months we've been discussing the squads a lot and I think most of us are reasonably satisfied with the selection (barring 1 or 2 differences). So I think it boils down to form, most of our boys have not been playing enough cricket, certainly when compared to Bangladesh. The new domestic season will help, competition for places will also help and winning at least 2 matches in this series will help too. In many ways this is a new team, some guys haven't played with each other for a while. So we need to hold our nerves. Better fielding, tighter bowling and the batting is not far off. Is it strange that I'm not tearing my hair off .... yet?

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by CrimsonAvenger » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:53 pm

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Shakib Al Hasan as captain of Bangladesh has made a difference of astronomical proportions. The results are there to be seen. They have never looked half as confident as they are these days, and the reason for that is a well performing captain who has a lot of self belief.Precisely what Zimbabwe and their captain lacks.

Chasing was a better option in my view, as chances getting self-destructed is less, as in match 1.

Williams at 6 is plain ridiculous.

Utseya coming in ahead of Chigumbura was baffling at that stage.

Batting powerplay need not have waited till Chigumbura was at the crease. We could have taken it when Coventry and Williams were finding the sweet spot of the bat.

Matsikenyeri has probably cost us more matches than any opposition player in the history of our ODI cricket.

Chibhabha is not a bowler. The confidence he lost while bowling has affected his batting. Otherwise he would have been one of our backbones in batting.

Changes for match 3 (If no plans of bringing in Mutizwa) --> OUT: Chibhabha, Matsikenyeri; IN: Waller, Cremer.

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by Kopje » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:28 pm

This is enough!! Utseya must go, he does not deserve to be captain! I fucking hate some of the decisions he makes, Chigumbura should have batted earlier. And why the hell is Chibhabha still playing, he is expensive! Matsikenyeri should play in the longer format or not play at all, ODI just ain't for him!!

(excuse my language, i am just a furious Zimbabwean)

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by eugene » Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:56 pm

Utseya's captaincy stinks! He is not leadership material. Ray Price would be a much better option.
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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by jimbo » Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:07 pm

I will give my take on things below

1.) chibhabha is a bit of a jack of all trades at the moment but master of none, Better for him to solely concentrate on his batting for now
2.) Forster mutitzwa's form in the logan cup, kenya and against bangladesh in the warm up shows that he isnt just knocking on the door but taking it off its hinges, The lad clearly has something and should be perservered with
3.) Utseya decisions today were baffling, he is not captain material thats for sure
4) Poor strike rate by matsikenyeri cost us the game today, Either bring in sibanda or waller for the next match

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by Eshen » Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:21 pm

The team got to be more balanced. Chibhabha, Masakadza, and Williams cost 80 runs in 8 overs they bowled. Someone from Masakadza, Chibhabha, and Matsikenyeri needs to be dropped to accommodate another bowler - Cremer or Mupariwa.

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by Rayzer » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:27 pm

It should be Mupariwa if anyone. He has a good ODI record, no question. Then Elton can bat higher up the order and bowl as third seamer and the spinners can still (try to) put the choke on in the middle overs. I'm not sure about Chibhabha for Waller or Mutizwa yet (Mutizwa has the better case at the moment in my opinion)- if he fails again, then make the change.

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by Detective RDS » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:05 am

Zimbabwe lost the match when Utseya didn't allow Shakib to take a runner. Shakib then got just furious and wanted to show Utseya what he can do. The devastating striking of the ball was the result of it. He was playing with injury of late, so at that moment he wasnted to hit or be out. He was also experimenting with some improvizaton shots. Zimbabwe missed two catches of him and he was even more dangerous. Final result 104 of just 65 balls including 9 fours and 4 maximum sixes.

As for Zimbabwean point of view:

- Zimbabwe shouldn't go with a part-timer as a fifth bowler. They should play with 5 specialist bowler. (3 pacers+2 spinners)

- To continue with Chibhabha was a big mistake again. 51 runs in 5 overs ! He isn't delivaring with the bat as well. Needs to be dropped.

- Utseya's captaincy under question. They have dropped catches. If you notice, Raymond Price was left with 1 over by the end of the innings but Price was the most economical bowler in this innings for Zim.

- I think, Matsikenyeri will retain his place for the next match (We won't like, I know). He has scored 39.

- I think, Utseya wanted to rotate Chigumbura for the last couple of overs. But he has to understand, if Chigumbura gets settled in the pitch, he can be more dangerous.

- Sean Williams should come early. At 3/4 may be.

- Hamilton Masakadza is under question also.

- Brendan Taylor needs to open. We all know that he can build an innings well. Experienced with a good average (28+) than Masakadza (23+)

- I'm not sure about the bowling ability of Utseya. If he isn't the captain, I would like to include Cremer in for him.

My personal feeling is that Utseya will loss his captaincy after the end of the series.

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Re: Dissecting the 2nd ODI

Post by alan132 » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:28 am

Zim must play 5 specialist bowlers in the 3rd match. Yesterday the part time bowlers had combined figures of 11-0-97-1. Had that been reduced to say 6 runs per over, as a specialist bowler should be able to manage, then the target would have been a quite gettable 290, instead of the quite unlikely 320.

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