Eddie Byrom and Nick Welch

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Re: Eddie Byrom and Nick Welch

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Googly wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:16 am
I know. I just don’t want to pass up an opportunity to point out how these corrupt inept muppets have systematically plundered and destroyed our cricket.

Just another gentle reminder that aside from the missing millions over the years they’ve just lost us another $4 million and there’s not a whimper from anybody!!!!

I was inboxed last night about the Croco saga.
Apparently they were accessing ZC funds for vehicle imports!! The tiff clearly emanates from either not all the monies being returned or someone didn’t get their commission!!
SRC had this information and chose not to act on it, which proves that they were settling their personal differences, stemming from the Telecel transaction. Clearly an agreement was reached and the whole matter was put quietly to bed. Everyone and everything is corrupt to the core here.
:o wow. That would have ended them.

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Re: Eddie Byrom and Nick Welch

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Begs the question- was Minister Coventry privy to this information???

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Re: Eddie Byrom and Nick Welch

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Robbo wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:24 pm
The first class season has started here in England, and Eddie Byrom has already made his mark by scoring unbeaten 50 and and unbeaten 100 for Somerset vs Cardiff MCCU. Bowling for Cardiff was Brad Evans, also a Zimbabwean. The whole game was streamed live on youtube and is still able to view, if you have spare 8 hours or so.

Nick Welch was batting for Loughborough MCCU vs Liecestershire, and scored 18 and 40 odd. No Malcolm Lake playing for Oxford who got a creditable draw with Middlesex. His studies must have finished. I'm going to watch Oxford on Monday so I'll try and find out what he's now up to.
No efforts are being made to bring these 2 guys back
Even Muveye too
They are idle farms Zimbabwe u can give them

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